Saturday, March 04, 2006

City Bowling Tournament - Day One

Well it really wasn't day one of the city bowling tournament. Many competitors bowled last weekend. One of our teammates had a conflict last weekend so we had to wait until this weekend to bowl.

Historically I do not bowl well in the city tournament. I don't know why not. I do OK at state. I just seem to struggle in city. Five years ago I finished dead last in the singles event. This accomplishment earned me several months worth of ribbing and teasing from my fellow competitors.

Today was a different. In singles I shot a 670 series with handicap. Which is pretty good. I was anywhere from 19 to 28 pins over average all three games. This is the first series in city that I have ever bowled where all three games were over my average. Unfortunately based on the results for last week I wasn't the only one having a good weekend. I think my 670 puts me somewhere in the high teens for position.

Doubles was just more of the same. My regular doubles partner, Scot, and I have a tradition of at least one of us not bowling well. We take turns. One year he will carry the team, the next it will be my turn. This year I was over average by 20 to 40 pins in all three games. Scot was just over his average in two games but way under it in the second game. So our tradition continues.

Tomorrow we will be bowling the team event over at Hall Lanes on base. I like Hall Lanes. I like the shot there, the lanes, and the manager. I just hope I can bowl well. I think it would be a big boost to my confidence in learning to bowl left handed if I could get through all nine games in City Tournament over average. I may not win any money, but it would sure feel good.

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