Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Drew Brees in Miami?

I have been a Drew Brees fan since his days at Purdue. I was very pleased to see him turn into a really good NFL quarterback the last couple years.

Now there are rumors floating around that the Miami Dolphins are interested in talking to him once the free agent season starts, maybe on Thursday.

The Sports Fan .tv thinks

This is not big news, though. Everyone expected this. The two are a perfect fit.

I would just like to point out that in the 2001 draft Miami had the 26th pick of the first round. Drew Brees was still sitting there waiting to be picked. Instead Miami selected Jamar Fletcher, a defensive back out of Wisconsin. I remember spending several minutes screaming at the TV "Pick Drew Brees!" Then after the pick I spent several more minutes yelling more colorful things. (The kids and my dear wife were at her folks so I was able to express my disappointment without censoring myself.)

For 3 years with the Dolphins Jamar Fletcher played in 41 games, made 48 tackles had 2 interceptions and was eventually traded to San Diego for wide receiver David Boston who in the last 2 years has played in 5 games and caught 4 passes for 20 yards. But in David Boston's defense he has been injured.

Now suddenly the Dolphins are interested in Drew Brees.

Its about damned time! If they had listened to me in the first place they could have avoided all the interesting quarterback fiascos of the last 5 years. Does anyone remember Jay (I'm really a third stringer) Fielder or A. J. (I broke my butt) Feeley, who incedentally is on San Diego's roster right now.

Miami has been gutting their defense this last week so they should be able to afford Brees. They are going to need him. If they keep dumping defensive players they are going to need someone on offense who knows how to score points.

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