Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Blogaversary

Today is my first blogaversity. That means just one short year ago I made a decision to spend an unreasonable amount of my spare time prattling on here about my life, my dear wife, my kids and our little corner of the world called Ridgecrest.

There have been only a couple days where I have regretted this decision. Sure there have been days where I didn't write anything. There have been days when I made several postings.

I'm sure I haven't solved any of the world's problems here. I certainly haven't solved any of the City of Ridgecrest's problems here. But I have managed to give myself a place to write, to complain and to document my year. And that is what I was looking for. So I guess I found it.

So far my children haven't disowned me, my dear wife hasn't divorced me and most of my friends still speak to me so I guess I'll give it another year.

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