Monday, March 13, 2006

City Bowling Tournament - Final

The Daily Independant published some of the results of the Ridgecrest City Bowling Tournament in Sunday's Edition. The results were published in a regular weekly article called Pin Talk.

In the team standings my team finished in 8th place. Which is the highest finish we have had since I joined the team about 6 years ago. Unfortunately we were a long ways out of first place. To be exact, 265 pins out of first place. That works out to over two more marks per person per game for the team event. However we were only 67 pins out of second place. That would have only required two extra marks per game as a team. A much more reasonable expectation. So we had one team that really bowled their brains out. The rest of the top ten were clumped together pretty tightly.

In singles I eventually ended up in 10th place - net. My scratch score was the fourth lowest score in the tournament. But because I'm bowling left handed for the first time I'm getting a lot of handicap. Not counting on the handicap I managed to shoot 70 pins over my average for the series. That got me up into tenth place in the singles event. In the net scores I was still 110 pins out of first place. So there were at least 9 other bowlers out there that had even better days than I did.

In doubles my partner Scot and I finished in 12th place. A pretty good showing for the two of us.

In the all around I ended up in 10th. Actually I was tied for 9th. But the bowler I was tied with, RC, a friend of mine had a higher scratch score so he got 9th and I got 10th. There was a big point spread in the all around catagory. I shot 220 pins over my average for the 9 games, which got me into 10th place. But I was still 212 points out of first place. If I could have made the extra 2 marks per game I would have needed to make up that difference my team would have probably placed a bit higher also.

When all is said and done I don't think I earned any winnings in the tournament. But I definitely had my best showing ever. I just hope that one of these years I can have that dream weekend that I always get to watch other guys have. Until then I'll have to go with the Chicago Cubs mantra of "Wait until next year."


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