Friday, March 17, 2006

Fish Fry

It's Friday. It's the Lenten season. That means it was fish fry night over at Saint Ann's. We really like the friday evening fish frys. Most of the good Catholics who follow the church's restrictions on eating meat on friday during lent will attend the fish fry. My family and I go for the dinner and the company.

Dinner consists of 2 or 3 pieces of fried whitefish, french fries and cole slaw. There is coffee and lemonade to drink. You can also buy sodas, and bake goods for dessert. I can feed my family of five at a fast food restaurant for about 10 dollars less than the fish fry costs. But the food is better, the company much more enjoyable, and the profits support the school.

Tonight the lower gradeschool grades hosted the fish fry. That means that the teachers from those grades convinced parents from those grades to work the kitchens, cook, take orders, and clean up afterwards. The school gets the profits from the fish fry. The parents from the host grades provide bake goods for the dessert table and the classes get all the profits from the bake sale.

My twin's class was one of the host classes tonight, so my dear wife baked a couple batches of brownies to donate. When we showed up I ordered our meals while the rest of the family staked out some table space. My in-laws showed up the same time we did. We usually meet them there every week. While we waited for our food the twins went to work serving.

When you order your food you are given a large card with a number on it to put on your table. When you order comes up, the volunteer children deliver the orders to your able. The twins went to work delivering food while we waited for our orders.

Once our food had arrived My oldest ate her dinner then she went and helped deliver food so her brother and sister could eat. After dining we visited for a while then headed for home. My oldest likes to stay for the whole evening. So we left her there. She helps deliver food then when things slow down she hangs out with her friends. Usually my dear wife leaves her cell phone with Chaos so she can call me to come get her when they are finished. Tonight she called just to get permission for one of her best friend's Dad to bring her home. So I didn't have to go back out once I got home.

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