Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Job Riots

There are hundreds of thousands of students rioting in France right now over a proposed new job law. The CPE First Job Contract will make it easier to dismiss employees under 26 during a two-year trial period. The students don't like this idea. They seem want a guaranteed job with no chance of being fired.

"We're demanding the complete withdrawal of the CPE. You can't treat people like slaves. Giving all the power to the bosses is going too far," said Gregoire de Oliviera, a 21-year-old student protesting in Paris.

Well cry me a river. It's time to grow up, stop protesting, stop throwing molotov cocktails, get your butts back to class and learn the skills you need to get and hold a job. If you don't want to get fired - work hard, do your job the way your boss wants it done.

I got news for these morons. The bosses already have all the power. That's why they are the bosses. Granted there are some just bad bosses. But most of them are reasonable enough to give you a chance to do things their way.

I have had a couple of truely bad bosses in my life. Then I have had bosses that I absolutely hated, but they weren't bad bosses, we just didn't get along. I have been fired without cause twice in my life. Both times by the same guy. I was 20 and working summer weekends at the snack bar at the racetrack in Cheyenne. My third day on the job the owner counted up the receipts at the end of the day and noticed that he was several hundred dollars short. He immediately accused me of stealing from the cash box and fired me on the spot. The next weekend he caught a guy reaching over the counter and grabbing a hand full of 20s out of the cash box. He called me and told me that I could have my job back if I wanted it. No apology, no explaination. I needed the job so I swallowed my pride and went back to work for him. Four weeks later I had to go to South Dakota for a week for family stuff. I told him that I would not be able to work the next Saturday. He was pissed off but told me he would see me in two weeks. That next Saturday after only getting 3 hours of sleep on friday night I drove the 5 hours to Cheyenne and got into town at 6 PM that evening. Since my job started at 3 PM and I was dead tired and my boss wasn't expecting me that night anyway I didn't bother going out to the speedway. The next Saturday I showed up for work and was greeted by an irate boss. A friend of his had seen me driving in town the previous Saturday and so he knew I was in town and hadn't come to work. So without waiting for me to say anything he fired me again.

I spent the rest of summer doing yard work to raise money for college. I had a jerk boss there also but at least I didn't fire myself.

Granted its easy to fire a kid from a minimum wage job just because you are having a bad day or because you are an irrational jerk. But every professional job I have ever worked at had a one year or more probationary period. This is the period where your boss can say "It's just not working out, I have to let you go." Then you go.

So to all the French students. Stop destroying your country, shut up and get your butts back into class you whinny little wimps.

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