Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Terrell Owens in Dallas

OK, I'm a little behind the times with this posting.

On March 19th the Dallas Cowboys signed ex-Philadephia Eagle wide receiver Terrell Owens.

In the interest of fair disclosure I should point out that I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan. My favorite teams in the NFL are Dolphins, Bears, Broncos and anyone who is playing against the Raiders or Cowboys.

My dislike disgust hatred for the Cowboys has very little to do with the players, now that Deion Sanders is gone. My feelings are mostly directed at Jerry Jones the owner. I personally feel that Jerry Jones has been a truely bad influence on the NFL. I have hated Jerry Jones since the day he took over the Cowboys and his first official act as new owner was to fire Tom Landry.

So I really like seeing the Cowboys sign Terrell Owens. They deserve each other. Does Jerry Jones remember that Sunday afternoon in October 2000 when Terrell Owens in a 49ers uniform was doing a touchdown celebration dance on the Cowboy's Star on the 50 yard line of Texas Stadium?

I'll bet that if George Teague was the Cowboy's owner T.O. would not be putting on a Cowboy's helmet this fall.

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