Sunday, March 05, 2006

City Bowling Tournament - Day Two

Today we bowled the team event of City Bowling Tournament. The team event is four man teams. I had another really good day. My lowest game of the three was 17 pins over my average. As a team we did pretty well. The first two games we had three of us over average. The last game we managed to get all four of us over average. Unfortunately I don't think we were far enough over average to get into the paying positions. There were a lot of guys out there this weekend bowling better than we were.

The highlight of the day happened in the third game when Mike T. who was bowling three lanes away from us rolled a perfect game. It was an impressive 300. His eleventh strike was a little shakey. But his twelveth was a rock solid shot. Mike maintained his cool really well, especially when he got to the last shot and the whole bowling alley had stopped to watch him. It was really quiet. The only noise in the place was the sound of shuffling feet of nervous spectators.

I will have to wait and see where we ended up in the team event and the overall on Wednesday. They didn't have those standings posted today. In singles I finished up in 11th place and Scot and I are in 12th in doubles. All in all, regardless of positions I had a great weekend. This is the first City tournament where I didn't have a total breakdown in at least one game of each series or in an entire series.

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