Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Beautiful Day For Networking

Today was absolutely beautiful. The high temperature was in the mid 80s. Clear blue sky with just a slight wisp of a breeze. A beautiful spring day in the Indian Wells Valley. I had a lawn to mow, a sprinker to repair and a new patio to finish. So what did I spend my afternoon doing? I did what any normal person would do on a day like this. I climbed ladders, breathed dust, moved drop ceiling panels and pulled wires. Working with three other fathers we managed to rough wire the computer network in the middle school and Parish Hall over at Saint Ann School.

We still don't have the network working in those buildings. But we have the main wires pulled. We still have to connect up the wireless access points to connect the buildings and complete the connections between the switches and the hubs in the classrooms. But that's a job for another weekend. The lawn will need mowing again next weekend. Maybe we can do it then.

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