Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why Catholic School - part 1

OK, I know that sarcasm usually doesn't go over well in print. So for the sarcastic impaired or humor handicapped I'll redo my post on Why I send my kids to a Catholic School.

When my oldest child was in kindergarten, it was early spring, and we were starting to think about where we wanted her to go to first grade. We live about 1/2 mile from Las Flores Grade School. We had heard pretty good things about Las Flores as a public school but I wanted to check it out myself. So I stopped by the school office on my lunch hour one day. I only had to wait a few minutes in line to talk to the office manager (OM) who while she seemed busy, didn't seem hurried. After watching her handle a phone call to a parent for a sick student and a student summons for a parent who needed to take the child somewhere it was my turn. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hello, my name is David Cordes and I'd like to make an appointment to see the Principal.
OM: He's very busy right now can I help you.
Me: Yes, I understand he may be busy now, that's why I'd like to make an appointment to see him.
OM: What do you want to see him about?
ME: My daughter may be going to school here next year and I'd like to meet with him to discuss the school.
OM: What exactly do you want to know about the school?
Me: (not really ready to have this conversation now, I was just looking to make an appointment) I would like to see the school, perhaps arrange a meeting with the first grade teachers and generally find out more about the school and its curriculum.
OM: Well, you can't just walk into a classroom and interrupt a teacher while class is in session.
ME: I didn't ask to do that, I would just like to make an appointment to meet with the Principal.
OM: Well he doesn't have time to see you now.
ME: Fine, when can I see him? I'm willing to make an appointment and come back when it's convenient for him.
OM: What do you want to see him about?
Me: (getting irritated now) I would like to make an appointment to see the Principal. Does he make appointments for meetings?
OM: Of course he does, are you a parent of one of our students?
Me: No, my daughter will be in first grade next year and I want to talk to the Principal about this school.
OM: You don't need to do that, just sign her up next month and make sure she is here in the fall. Do you live in our district?
Me: Yes we live just up the road, but I'm not sure where I want her going to school yet, so I'd like to get an appointment to see the Principal.
OM: Well you can send your child wherever you want.
ME: I unerstand that. Now, can I get an appointment to see the Principal?
OM: He doesn't take appointment from non-parents. He's too busy. You'll have to excuse me I have parents waiting behind you.

So I left. I went home and called the school district to complain. I called the number in the phone book. That conversation went like this:

Voice on the Phone (VOTP): Sierra Sands School District?
Me: Hello, my name is David Cordes, and I just tried to make an appointment with the Principal at Las Flores School and the office manager there refused to let me have an appointment.

VOTP: Do you have a child at Las Flores School?
ME: No, I have a child who may be attending there next fall.
VOTP: If you don't have a child there what did you want to see the Principal about?
Me: I have a daughter who will be in first grade next year and we are trying to decide if we want to send her to Las Flores, one of the other schools in town, or to a private school.
VOTP: Well you have the right to send her to any school you want.
Me: Exactly, that is why I wanted to make an appointment to see the Principal at Las Flores.
VOTP: Well you have to understand that our Principals are very busy and can't see everyone who just drops in.
ME: I dropped in to make an appointment. I didn't expect to see him right then. But his office staff will not even let me make an appointment.
VOTP: Well if he doesn't want to meet with you that is his business.
Me: (really pissed off now and talking in short clipped tones) Look, I am a tax paying citizen who will have a student in the school system next year, and two more in 4 years. All I am asking for is a chance to meet the Principal of the school that you expect me to turn my child over to on a daily basis. Since I can't even get an appointment to see that principal, I forced to ask what is he hiding from, and what is going on in that school that you don't want me to know about?

She hung up!

At this point in time I decided that it would be a cold day in hell before I trusted the Sierra Sands School District with the care and education of my children. I immediately became an advocate for the complete dismissal, overthrow, or removal of the existing school board and a voter whose number one issue is 'what is the politician's stand on school vouchers'.

So every time I step into a voting booth when I get to the school board section I vote for anyone who does not have the work 'incumbent' next to their name. In the state elections I will only vote for a politician that is pro school vouchers. I have many other political issues, but if you are running for office and are anti-voucher you just lost my vote.

To be continued......


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