Wednesday, April 20, 2005

OnDirectv Sucks

My May issue onDirectv arrived in the mail today. For those of you who don't have directv this guide was great. A small phone book sized monthly publication that listed every show that was going to come streaming into the little satellite on my roof. I loved to sit and page through this book while watching TV. Circling the shows that I wanted to watch or record. This book was like TV Guide on steroids.

Last year TV guide turned itself into a worthless pile of waste paper by cutting down their listings to only list shows that were on from 7 PM to midnight. Well Direct TV the guide followed their example this month and reduced their guide listing by one-third. They now only list shows from 8 AM to Midnight. But I bet they don't cut the price by one-third.

So why is it that we have spent the last 40 years getting television service that runs twenty four hours a day. And the publishing companies that tell us what is going to be on have reverted to 1960 when there was nothing on the air after midnight and before 7 AM.

Do TV guide and Directv really save so much money by dropping cutting their listings that it is worth pissing off thier customers.

I think the worst part of this is cover that says "Rethought, Rebuilt, Redesigned... Just for You". Well if Directv had put any thought into this, they would have bothered to find out that this is NOT WHAT I WANT!!!!!!

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