Sunday, April 10, 2005

Desert Variety

Well you can never say that the scenery around here is always the same.

To start, just a few miles south of town is the Rademacher Hills. These hills rise up behind the community college. Driving to the top of these hills and looking south this is the view you see:
Flowers in Rademacher Hills

Also, if you turn exactly 180 degrees and face north you get a view of the city that looks exactly like the one in the Ridgecrest Blog Header at the top of this page.

Then continuing south the dirt roads connect to highway 395. Just a bit further south on Hwy 395 the view to the east looks like this:

Flowers along Hwy 395

Taking the Trona Cutoff and then the road towards the Trona Pinnacles you find yourself just 11 miles east of Ridgecrest and the view looks like this:


Turning south again leads you to the Trona Pinnacles:

Trona Pinnacles

So if you get tired of the view out of your front window. Just hop in the car and hit the road. You don't have to go far for a radical change in scenery. We visited all these places in one afternoon and only used an eighth of a tank of gas in the minivan.

I'll post more pictures from more directions later.

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