Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Intramural Golf Week 1

On tuesday nights during the summer I play in an intramural golf league. The league is 4 man teams that play nine holes of match play golf. There are six points to be won, or lost, each night. There are four individual matches, A Player vrs. A player, B vrs B, etc and two best ball matches, AB vrs AB and CD vrs CD. Player rankings are determined by handicap. So the best player on each team plays against the best player on the other team, etc. The games are played with handicaps. You start the season with the lowest of your last season handicap or your USGA handicap. After three weeks a new handicap is established based on your league scores only. Because this is match play golf the handicaps tend to be slightly lower than our USGA handicaps, due to gimmie putts and rounds where you don't play all nine holes. I started the league this evening with a 20 handicap which is tough because my USGA handicap is currently 26. I finished last season strong and drove my handicap down a couple points.

This season I haven't been playing or practicing much lately. So my game is suffering. Some say it suffered anyway, but it's worse now.

Tonight was gorgeous, Slight cloud cover, temps in the 70s, an occasional slight breeze to cool things off.

I was matched up as the B player tonight and had to play against a 5 handicap. Nice guy named Kurt. I wasn't playing very well, but better than I had the last couple rounds I played. Fortunately for me Kurt was off a bit also. So it took him 8 holes to finally beat me. Actually he was beating me the entire game. It just took 8 holes to end the match.

My partner also lost, and the two of us together lost the A-B best ball match.

Fortunately for our team our D player won both his match and the C-D best ball match so we finished the night 2-4.

One highlight on the night, unfortunately not for us, the other team's A player a great kid named Heath who works at the golf course drove the green on the par 4, 360 yard, fourth hole. I had my ball inside his on the green but it took me two to get there.

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