Saturday, April 02, 2005

Rest in Peace Pope John Paul II

Ok, so I'm not Catholic. But I send my kids to a Catholic School. My dear wife and I like having our children in a Parochial School. Being a small town the options are limited. When our oldest started school there was a Lutheran School in town but several of their teachers were not certfied. Additionally we had an encounter with one teacher teacher and she scared the crap out of us. That school closed several years ago and we weren't surprised.

Our other options were a Baptist supported school and the Catholic School. We checked out the Catholic School and liked what we saw. Mostly we like the strong academic program and that the school and teachers were all certified. So our kids attend a Catholic School.

Being Lutheran there are several things about the way the Catholic's practice their faith that I am uncomfortable with, or just flat out disagree with. However my disagreement with their practices is paletable. Since the school is very accommidating to non-Catholics neither I nor my children have ever been asked to do anything that would compromise our own beliefs.

Sure my children cross themselves when they pray. They pray Holy Mary's at school and have to do reports on their 'favorite' saint. But I figure the intense exposure to a church other than the Lutheran one that they experience on Sundays is good for them.

So what has all this to do with the passing of Pope John Paul II? Our participation at the kid's School has led us to forming several friendships with the people there. The Pope is the head of thier church. He is their spiritual leader on earth. That makes him important. Plus he was a man who rose to the very pinnacle of his profession. He got there by being kind, generous, loving, spiritual and true to his deepest beliefs. Show me one CEO of a major corporation who can say that!

Catholic or not you have to respect the man. He lived his faith. So specifically for my Catholic friends, and for all Christians everywhere - Rest in Peace Karol Wojtyla. Thank you!

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