Saturday, April 23, 2005

NFL Draft Day 1

Ok so I'm not a football expert. But I can yell at the TV like one. Well today was the first day of the NFL draft. Now I know that watching the draft is like watching grass grow. But with this grass growing you get commentary.

I'm a Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears fan. Have been for years. I started telling anyone desperate enough for conversation that they would listen to me that I thought the Dolphins should use their second pick of the draft on Alex Smith, QB out of Utah. If Smith wasn't available they needed to take Ronnie Brown the Running back out of Auburn. I didn't do a lot of investigation into deciding that these were the two best guys available. I just know that after watching them in thier bowl games that they were future all stars. The last guy I felt that about was a QB out of Pittsburg named Dan Marino. I would have preferred that they had gotten Smith, but Brown brings an added bonus. They no longer need Ricky Williams. They can tell now tell that pot smoking quiter where to mail the 8 mil he owes them and the move on without him.

One nit to pick though. Nick Saban have you taken a good look at the Dolphins Offense lately? Probably not, especially since they don't have one to look at. You made a good choice with Brown in the first round. But what the hell were you thinking drafting a Defensive End and an Inside Linebacker in the second and third rounds? In case you didn't notice you still need a young quarterback to replace Gus Frerotte in a few years. Yeah I know that you still have that millstone Feely hanging around your neck. But what they heck your defense can always use him as a tackling dummmy - once or twice.

Now the Bears, I'm really conflicted here. They have drafted so many running back since Walter left and so few of them have lived up their expectations. I think taking Cedric Bensen out of Texas was a great choice. I just hope he doesn't turn into another Rashaan Salaam.

Also great idea drafting another WR in the second round. The Bears always have a tough defense and you can build on it in the later rounds. But Grossman is going to need someone to be trowing long to when he gets back in the fall.

Tomorrow, rounds 4-7, another long day of watching the NFL grass grow.

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