Thursday, July 14, 2005

Building Small Coffins

Greyhawk who writes the Mudville Gazette published an article yesterday called Building Small Coffins.

Read it, then as Greyhawk says:
Some day you may hear someone describing the virtues of the "resistance" or "freedom fighters" in Iraq , or claiming moral equivalence between these animals and coalition soldiers. You may even hear someone say we're on a "crusade" against Muslims. When you do, send them here.

Warning: Reading Building Small Coffins may cause intense feelings of anger, rage, hatred or sorrow. It may drive you to break things or start shouting loud obscenities at your computer screen. Or, it just make you sick to your stomach. Read it anyway.

Afterwards, if you feel none of the above, report to the lost and found office to see if anyone has turned in your soul.

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