Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Golf on Tuesday 7/19

Tonight was the last night of the round robin part of our league. We have one more round to play next week - a position round. After tonight I think my team should write a book. We could title it - First to Last in 4 Ugly Weeks.

Actually we probably aren't going to be in last week place. But we have dropped quite a ways. Five weeks ago we were in a tie for first place. In the last four weeks we have a record of 4.5 wins and 19.5 losses.

Some of us have played poorly. Some of us have played well and lost anyway. Personally in the last 3 weeks I have been beaten by golfers having really good nights. I seem to bring the best out in my opponents. My opponents have shot net scores for 9 holes of 32, 34 and tonight a 31.

During my round tonight we started on hole number six. I birdied number 6, I shot par on holes 1, 2 and 4. For a 22 handicap to shoot a birdie and 3 pars in 9 holes is a great round. I lost my round 3 down with 2 to play.

Match play is like that sometimes. You can play well and lose anyway. I've had seasons where I have played poorly and still won a majority of my matches. This year I've won a few nights with poor rounds. I've also had matches where I played well and lost.

Tonight I was tempted to ride a cart. The temperature at the course when we started was 115 degrees. The wind was supposed to only be 7 to 9 mph. But by the second hole it was gusting to over 20 mph. Great, Hot and Windy. It was like golfing in a blast furnance. I went ahead and walked anyway. I had to lug a lot of water along with me, but didn't suffer too badly.

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