Monday, July 25, 2005

Hillary Clinton vrs. the Hard Right Ideology

I was eating lunch this afternoon when Fox News played a clip of Hillary Clinton addressing the Democratic Leadership Council. As a general rule I don't listen to either Clinton while eating. But before I could reach for the remote I heard:

"Now, I know the DLC has taken some shots from some within our party and that it has returned fire too. Well, I think it's high time for a cease-fire, time for all Democrats to work together based on the fundamental values we all share. Let's start by uniting against the hard-right ideology in Washington"

Hillary I have news for you. The Democratic Party's insistance in being against the hard right ideology is what keeps losing you elections.

What the Democrats seem to have forgotten is that we are all Americans. The right, the left and the moderates. What people want from their Senator's and Congressmen is for them to work together to do what is best for the United States of America.

You weren't elected to your office to wage war against other Americans.

But the Democratic party isn't about working together, or working for America anymore. They are all about working against the hard right ideology. That's obstructionism Senator, and that is what is going to cost you even more Senate Seats next year, and one more Presidential Election two years later.

Senator it's time you stopped uniting against conservative America and start trying to figure out how to compromise with them for the good of the country.

One last Hillary thought. The mainstream media has already started to try and portray Hillary as a moderate. They are going to try and cast Hillary as a strong supporter of welfare reform, tough on terror, pro military and an education reformer. All good conservative issues. Don't you believe it. Remember you heard it right from the Hildebeast's two sided mouth - She plans to start her champaign by organizing the democratic party against the hard-right ideology in Washington. Is that the attitude of a moderate?

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