Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lance Armstrong - A Class Act

Yesterday, Lance Armstrong took over the lead in the Tour de France due to a variety of events. First off, Discovery Channel rode a great team time trial. Next, current Yellow Jersey holder David Zabriskie crashed just a short mile from the finish.

Today Lance Armstrong showed up for the big roll out wearing his normal Discovery Channel jersey, not the yellow jersey of the race leader that he was entitiled to wear.

When questioned by a reporter about rolling out for the 67th day in the yellow jersey Lance Armstrong had this to say"

"I'm not going to roll out with the yellow jersey, I'm gonna roll with the Discovery Jersey because after we watched the race last night on TV, we couldn't watch it at the finish, our TV was out. But we realize it was too close with CSC, and the accident with Zabriskie was, for us, left a lot of questions about whether or not we would have had the jersey. So with regards to honoring a little bit of history in this race and knowing the nobodys has ever really aquired the yellow jersy through a crash, we don't want to be the first in the last 30 or 40 years, so we're gonna honor the tradition and ride with the Discovery jersey and if we keep it through the day then we'll wear it tomorrow. But in watching last night I think if they had not had the crash it would have been very close and probably David would have kept the jersey so it wouldn't be fair to wear it."

What a class act.

I agree Lance, without Zabriskie's fall, the Time trail which was only a 2 second win anyway would have been very close.

Now, Armstrong is wearing the yellow. After the rollout the race referees told Lance that he would have to wear the yellow or risk being disqualified from the race. So Armstong is racing with the yellow jersey pulled on over his discovery jerset. Let's hope it doesn't get hot today.

So there you go, in a day of overpaid, over egoed proffesional athletes we have one here that tries to take the high road and do the right thing and the race officials have to get involved and drag him back into the muck.

My hat's off to you Lance. You tried to do the right thing.

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