Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Golf on Tuesday 7/5

Wow, my team is starting to get a reputation that I don't think we want. The first half of this season our D player won 6 straight matches and never once shot within 3 strokes of his handicap. His opponents averaged 7 over net-par for that stretch.

Well the rest of us are paying for his incredible run now. Last week our A player shot an even net 36 for nine hole and lost his match 5 and 4. That means he lost the first 5 holes of a nine hole match and was done. Five holes is the quickest you can win or lose a nine hole match.

Well tonight I started out shooting a birdie on hole number nine. The number 6 handicap hole on the golf course. Then I parred the fairly easy hole number 1. Then it went down hill from there. Overall I didn't golf badly. I had some bad shots. But I also had some pretty good ones. I hit a nine iron 170 yards to within 10 feet of the pin on number 6. I normally hit a 7 iron there, but there was a pretty good tail wind on that hole tonight.

When we finished the nine holes I had shot a net 34 on the night and lost my match. My opponent shot a net 31. Our A player shot a net 36 and lost to a net 34 in 5 holes - again.

So early on we were golfing badly and winning. Now we're golfing well and losing. Well, that's match play. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves.

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