Sunday, July 17, 2005

Golfing at State Bowling Tournement

I am home again safe and sound. Well, safe anyway, I'm only as sound as a guy that would travel seven hours from here to Sacramento just to bowl and golf.

My friend, Scot, and I left here Friday morning around 7:30. We stopped over briefly at the Tehachapi Loop. I had heard about the loop but had never seen it myself. The loop is a section of railroad track that loops around on itself. Here's a picture I took of a train moving around the loop.

Tehachapi Loop

The the train wasn't long enough to wrap around on itself, and because of the angle we were forced to watch from we couldn't see the front of the train as it passed under the bridge that it had just crossed over.

Continuing on we stopped the other side of Bakerfield for lunch at an In-n-Out Burger. Double-Double with grilled onions, fries and a soda. In-n-Out has the best fast food hamburgers ever.

With our stomachs and mouths happy we continued North. We were just south of Stockton when the traffic on Hwy 99 started slowing down. Suddenly we saw a large alert sign that warned of us a traffic accident 9 miles ahead and recommended that we find an alternate route to our destination. Not being familiar with the area Scot and I were looking around for a service road or alternate route, but all we found was a exit ramp and a golf course. So we did what any good commuter would do in this situation. We pulled in to the French Camp Golf Course and played 18 holes to give the highway time to clear.

The course was a short 18-hole, par 60 course. It was a nice little course that only cost $8 twilight rate. Unfortunately I was still suffering from a case of the shanks, so in addition to my $8 I raised the ambient level of the water hazards the equivelent to 8 golf balls. Fortunately for me I had a lot of found balls in my bag that I had collected the last few weeks and those are what I dumped in the ponds around there.

Once our afternoon stroll was over we loaded back into the truck and headed on to Rocklin.

Saturday we bowled in the singles and doubles event. I didn't do too well in singles but redeemed myself somewhat in the doubles event. I didn't bowl well enough to place in either event. But I did OK in the side brackets. There was a lot of luck of the draw there, and I had good draws.

After bowling Scot and I played a round of golf at the Roseville Golf Club, a nice municipal course. There wasn't as much water on this course as the last, and I seemed to have cured my shanks by giving them to Scot. I did lose several balls in the thick rough, but overall golfed better than on Friday. Fortunately Scot and I decided to ride a cart. It was over 100 and humid. We were exhausted when we finished. I don't think that I would have made it trying to walk.

On Sunday we bowled the team event. It was a meaningless gesture on our part. We only had three of our 5 team members there. We managed to find one substitute but had to bowl without the other team member. That meant that we took zeros for the missing man.

I was rather irritated by this. One team member had car troubles and burned his bowling hand trying to fix the difficulty. So I can't blame him, that was a good reason to not show up. But the other missing player just didn't bother to show, no phone calls, no messages, nothing he just blew us off.

Once again I didn't bowl particularly well, but once again I got good draws in the brackets and broke even.

We left for home right after bowling and lunch. It was a long drive home and we got back around 8:15 PM. I was good to see my dear wife and family again. I like getting out and going places, but then there is nothing like going home again. We thought it was hot in Sacramento at 105, but we came home to 114 degrees.

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