Friday, July 08, 2005

Today, We're All British

Ok, I sat in front of the keyboard last night trying to write something. Here I am again today.


I got nothing.

I kept clicking away from my own blog entry window and looking at what other bloggers had to say about the terrorists attacks in London.

There was the Tour de France that I'd like to write about. But it just doesn't seem important right now. I was going to write about my kids. But they are all safe and protected right now and there's not much else to say right now. I could write about how frustrated I get with the traffic in Ridgecrest, but when you get right down to it, as long as the cars aren't blowing up, I really have no complaint.

I tried to write down my feelings about the terrorist attacks. But just as when I tried to express my opinions about the 9-11 attack here in the USA I quickly degenerate in a stream of incoherent anger and frustration.

I tried to express my feelings of sorrow at senseless loss of innocent lives in London. But what difference would that make. They will not read my words.

So instead I think I'm going to say to the people of England. We were once one nation. We were once one people. We have been allies through 2 world wars, a cold war and now the global war on terror. While our cultures differ in many ways we are in oh so many ways - alike. We are the leading examples of freedom in the world.

Our thoughts, our prayers, and our helping hands are there for you.

Just as in the days shortly after 9-11 when Tony Blair delcared that "today we are all Americans". I saw that today we are all British.

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