Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cycling Tragedy

Yesterday the Australian women’s national team was dealt a fatal blow. While riding a training ride in Germany an 18 year old german driver lost control of her vehicle and slammed in to the group of Australian cyclists.

29 year old Australian rider Amy Gillett was killed and five teammates injured.

There were 5 other riders also injured.

Alexis Rhodes is in intensive care in critical condition. Alexis suffered multiple fractures in the thoracic region.

Louise Yaxley - is stabilized, but in serious condition.

Katie Brown - originally doctors feared that Katie may lose a leg, but surgery on her leg was considered successful. She is inserious condition from multiple fractures.

Lorian Graham is in satisfactory condition with both collarbones broken as well as broken hands and knee and leg injuries.

Katie Nichols - is in satisfactory condition with severe deep tissue damage including torn tendons. She has had succesful surgery for her injuries also.

My prayers and best wishes go out to the injured riders and thier team. My condolences and prayers to Amy Gillett'a family and friends.

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