Sunday, June 19, 2005

COMO Golf Day 2

Today was the second round of the COMO golf tournement. I was swinging my clubs much better than yesterday. Not great yet, but much more improved. I had weakened the my right hand grip recently and didn't even know it. My "A" player from yesterday pinted it out to me near the end of yesterday's round. So I got my hand more on top of the club today and I was hitting a bit straighter and getting the ball into the air a bit better.

I had three new teammates today. We started ot on the 12th hole and started kind of slow. We made parr on the first three holes. Then the birdies started. We made birdies on the 6 holes.

For the day we were 10 under par. Combining that with the 2.1 strokes handicap we were getting we ended up with a 59.9 for the day which was good enough to finish in second place. We were 0.1 points out of first.

So I was on the third place team yesterday, the second place team today and I won the closest to the hole contest on the 8th when I dropped an 8 iron shot into 5 feet 5 inches from the pin.

I had a good weekend and am looking forward to next year already.

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