Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Golf on Tuesday 6/14

Wow, tonight was hot! Not the golf, the temperature. At tee time it was 101 and the wind was blowing about 35 mph.

We started the night tied for third just a point and a half out of first place. I was golfing ugly tonight, but scrambling my ass off.

I only hit two drives all night over 150 yards and one of them was on the 217 yard par three eleventh hole. After 5 holes I found myself one down with 4 to play. We had finished 10 and I had 11 - 14 ahead of me. In most people's opinion 11, 12 and 14 are three of the tougher holes on the golf course. 13 is supposed to be pretty easy. Over those four holes I shot 2 over par scratch. Using my USGA handicap and in a stroke play event I would have been 4 under par net for those four holes.

I had a couple good chips and a couple good putts. Everything else was ugly, but worked. I won my match 1 up. I sure had a couple lucky breaks go my way. My approach shot on 12 needed to go over a tree and over the water. I forgot about the tail wind and misclubbed. I should have hit an 8, I hit a 7. But I also hit the top of the tree and it slowed the ball down enough that I ended up on the back fringe of the green in two. A long lag putt and short tap-in and I had my second par in two holes.

The team went 5-1 on the night and will be in first place next week by half a point.

This is the first time we have been in first place since the last week of the season in 1999. Our first year in the league, when we were clueless newbies who didn't have a clue about how tough this match play league is, so naturally we won that year.

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