Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Golf on Tuesday 6/21

Well tonight was our first night trying to defend or first place position. We golfed OK but failed to defend our spot. As a team we went 4-2. However one of the teams that was 0.5 points behind us in the standings went 5-1. So we're back in second place 0.5 points back. But that's not a problem. Let the other team take the heat of being in first place. We'll sit here in second and concentrate of taking that spot away from them is about 5 weeks. We hope....

Did you ever seen a pro golfer on TV duff a bunker shot so it stays in the bunker. Then they get pissed off and slap the sand with their wedges costing them a two stroke penalty for grounding their club in the bunker. I always wondered what goes through that idiot's mind to make them do such a dumb thing. Well now I can tell you. At the moment you hit the sand you aren't thinking, you're just pissed off because you blew a pretty easy shot. Then microseconds after doing this dumb thing you are thinking "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!...."

Then to make matters worse you have to hit again out of the bunker, finish the hole and then fess up to your opponents and partner about what an idiot you are.

To all the golf pros out there who I have called 'stupid' before when you did this, I'm sorry.

By the way did any of you see that beautiful full moon this evening? When it came up around 8:30 it was bright orange.

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