Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ridgecrest Evening

Well it's about 10 PM now. The sun set around 8:15 this evening. It was warm today but not really hot, peaked out around 100. With the sun setting the temps have dropped and right now it's a nice comfortable 78 degrees. There is more than just a little wind blowing but the corner of the patio is sheltered so I'm getting just enough breeze to cool things off.

The air smells clean right now. I'm not sure why. Often the air around here has a hot dusty smell to it.

I'm sitting out here trying out my new wireless network. I installed the network a couple weeks ago but this is the first time I've carried the laptop outside to see how it works out here. I figured I'd get a good connection , after all I can see the wireless router through the open window behind me.

I need to send an e-mail to my sister's to let them know about my Mom and Dad's breakdown. They blew a head gasket in the car in Hardin MT. Dad described Hardin as a small town of aroud 25 thousand in the middle of nowhere. Gee that sounds like Ridgecrest.

Well it's a beautiful evening. It's finally quiet around here. The littlest kids are in bed, the oldest is upstairs watching Cosby show re-runs. The sky is dark because the Moon hasn't come up yet. There is still just the slightest hint of sunlight backlighting the edges of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west.

I should probably try taking a picture to post, but the camera is inside and I'm just too darned lazy to get up and walk in there and get it. I'll try sending brain waves to my dear wife to bring me the camera.

Nope, no luck she must have her receiver off. Either that or our brainwaves messages only work when one of us wants the other one to bring home ice cream from the store.

Sorry no pictures of the beautiful desert evening for you tonight.

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