Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Golf on Tuesday 6/28

Once more we ventured forth to brave the summer heat for the sake of whacking a little white ball around. Well at least we were supposed to be whacking little while balls around. I was more intent on drowning them.

It was a beautiful evening. A little hot at tee time. About 96 degrees. With the humidity level of 13% it felt like it was about 102. Not much wind to start but it picked up to about 15 mph by the time we finished.

We got waxed tonight. Well my teammates all got waxed. I beat myself. It started out ugly and just got worse from there.

Scot our A player had a good round. He shot a net 36 for nine holes. Unfortunatley his opponent had better night and Scot lost down 5 with 4 to play.

I stretched my match to 7 holes but that was mostly due to my opponent screwing up a couple holes. I played awful.

Or CD player played a bit better but lost all 3 points also.

Oh well there's always next week.

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