Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wild Thing

My grandfather was a a die-hard-vote-the-straight-party-line-Democrat. When I was twelve he took me with him when he went to vote. We walked into the little booth, he pulled the lever to close the curtain then pointed out the Democratic Party lever. He said "Just pull that little lever and you're done." So he flipped the switch the pulled the lever to open the curtain. As we left I asked him who we voted for and he told me "the Democrats." He said you just do that everytime and things will work out just fine.

I've often wondered what Grandpa would think of me being a registered Republican. I used to worry that he would be very disapponted in me. But then the GOP released this video:

Wild Thing

I had convinced myself of this several years ago, but this video really drove it home.

Today's Democrats are not my Grandfather's Democrats.

Boy isn't that the truth. My grandfather would never tolerated the behavior today's leading Democrats are exhibiting on a daily basis. Grandpa was a good old-fashioned down to earth common sense kind of guy. Qualitys that todays Democrats exhibit a surprising lack of.

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