Thursday, June 09, 2005

Microsoft Update Update

Here's an update on my previous post about trying to Update my Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System.

I'm not feeling quite so homocidial now. I had four hours of sleep and this morning to do some research and ask around to see if anyone else has had this problem.

Well I got it solved. When I installed all the updates and restarted the machine, it booted up in the previously never used administrator account. So that's why none of my settings or bookmarks and most of the applications weren't showing up.

I changed the default bootup account back to my normal account and everything showed back up just fine.

Gee I didn't even know that I had an administrator account on that machine. I should have known it, but last night when it was late, I was tired and everything was going to hell in a handbasket I just didn't think about it.

Now this doesn't mean the Microsoft is off the hook. Those upgrades still did some thing screwy to my system. I don't like it when changes are made that I'm not aware of. I like my system configured the way I set it up. So anytime my operating system starts thinking that it knows how I like things better than I know how I like things I get vewy vewy angry. But at least I've calmed down enough that if a Microsoft programmer ran my doorbell right now I probably wouldn't shoot him right away. I'd eventually still shoot him, but at least now I'd be willing to let him talk for a few seconds first.

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