Friday, June 17, 2005

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Superintendent Ralph Baker of the Victor Elementary School District in Victorville CA has a new contract worth 1.2 million dollars. He is scheduled to get $250,000 a year for four years and a $200,000 signing bonus.

In the Victorville Daily Press he attempts to defend this new contract:

telling teachers at a special meeting on Tuesday that his salary will not hurt the district.

"I didn't take a penny from anybody,"

Baker opened up the meeting at a district building on Nisqualli and Mariposa roads by pointing out that his teachers were the highest paid, his district has the most distinguished and Blue Ribbon schools, and that he deserved his four-year contract. He added that his $1.2 million wouldn't have a negative impact on the district, the teachers or the classrooms.

Superintendent Baker is right on one account he hasn't taken a penny from anyone. However he has is getting ready to take 120,000,000 of them from the taxpayers of his county and state.

Before this new contract Superintendent Baker was earning $140,000 per year, his new contract gives him signing bonus that is 142% of his old annual salary. Then he gets a one time annual salary increase of 78% that is good for the next four years.

Then his crook has the balls to stand up in front of the teachers who work for him and tell them that he deserves this salary.

We are being blasted daily by television ads paid for by the California Teacher's Union telling us about how Governor Schwarzenegger is trying to destroy our schools by cutting thier budgets, while people in thier own ranks and running thier own schools are pulling crap like this.

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